Hour of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 6AM-7PM; Friday: 6AM-5PM; Saturday: 8AM-4PM; Sunday: No service

Community transportation for all

About the Quaboag Connector

Reliable transportation is a crucial factor for accessing healthcare, employment, and social resources, yet the Quaboag Valley in West Central Massachusetts lacks adequate public transportation. To address this, the Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation (QVCDC) and the Town of Ware established the Quaboag Connector, a demand-response shuttle service covering nine towns. The service, launched in 2017, has grown in popularity, providing over 1,000 monthly rides pre-COVID-19 and nearly 700 rides post-pandemic.

Recognizing increased demand, QVCDC and partners used Design Thinking to plan a sustainable, consumer-centered rural transportation model.