Drive for Us

The Quaboag Connector is currently hiring for both CDL and non-CDL driving positions. Job descriptions are linked below. Interested parties should fill out an application and return it to Ware Town Hall. Contact Transit Operations Supervisor, Mike Dambrosio, with any questions at:

Quaboag Connector Van Driver (non-CDL)


  • This position is responsible for operating of Quaboag Connector vehicles over a predetermined route and on-demand ride request system called Ecolane Software. The operation must be accomplished in a safe and timely manner. Courtesy to customers, motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, etc. is required.


  • This position reports to the Town of Ware Manager, Stuart Beckley and Operations Supervisor, Michael Dambrosio.


  • Position is part-time, up to 19 hours per week, depending on demand and funding.
  • Position works an assigned schedule as the Quaboag Connector requires.
  • Daily hours may vary and will be set in collaboration with the Quaboag Connector Operations Supervisor
  • Must be able to report to work during scheduled hours


  • Must be positive, polite, and helpful with fellow employees, customers, motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and other members of the public.
  • Understand and comply with the Quaboag Connector policies and procedures.
  • Follow company protocol and procedures during shift without direct supervision.
  • Must be able to safely perform duties by enforcing passenger safety and conduct rules.
  • Must be familiar with the equipment associated with the transit vehicles within the Quaboag Connector fleet and changing operational aspects as new fleet vehicles are purchased.
  • Operate all accessibility devices (i.e., ramps, lifts, etc.) in a safe manner according to Quaboag Connector and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Secure passenger mobility devices and occupants prior to placing vehicle in motion.
  • Ensure that a vehicle is safe and reliable prior to operation by performing pre-trip and post-trip inspection which requires the completion of the driver daily inspection sheet.
  • Filing of necessary reports in case of an accident or incident.
  • Monitor physical condition of assigned vehicle including lights, mirrors, doors, brake pressure, tire condition, heater or air conditioner, electronic equipment, etc.
  • Prepare for daily runs by obtaining assignments by logging into Ecolane MDT, reviewing schedule and communication any irregularities to dispatch and/or operations supervisor.
  • Maintain constant awareness of the traffic and road conditions. Report to dispatch via Ecolane MDT portal.
  • Practice safe defensive driving by complying with traffic regulations and conditions as well as by utilizing defensive driving techniques.
  • Provide information in a courteous manner to passengers concerning routes, schedules, and fares.
  • Operate fare collection Ecolane MDT as prescribed by Quaboag Connector procedures.
  • Sell vouchers and transfer to passengers.
  • Perform all duties regardless of weather following the Ware School system cancelation policy, traffic conditions, and passenger load conditions.
  • Perform related duties are required.


  • Safe and courteous operation of van and other Quaboag Connector vehicles.
  • Operation of van in a defensive manner to avoid accidents.
  • Operation of assigned routes without deviation unless approved by management.
  • Assist elderly passengers and passengers with disabilities boarding and exiting the vehicle.
  • Comply with and participate in training requirements as established by the Town of Ware / Quaboag Connector.
  • Participate in Quaboag Connector training sessions and drivers’ meetings at times outside of regular shifts schedules.
  • Communicate with Operations Supervisor personnel regarding changes in medications that could affect job performance.
  • Communicate with Operations Supervisor personnel regarding any license revocation, off-duty traffic violations, accidents and moving violations immediately.
  • Accurate account of cash and vouchers with run report.
  • Assure that all passengers pay the proper fare as per Quaboag Connector policy
  • Notify dispatchers of conditions which interfere with safe operation of the vehicles, detours and road closings which interfere with assigned route and any mechanical problems.
  • Preparation and filing of vehicles of vehicle defect report notifying the Operations Supervisor of vehicle mechanical problems.
  • Report any issues with Ecolane MDT to the Operations Supervisor.


  • Demonstrate ability to operate vehicles in a safe manner.
  • Knowledge and practice of defensive driving techniques.
  • Ability to make basic arithmetic computations.
  • Ability to handle money and make change.
  • Ability to communicate and get along with the public and fellow employees regarding questions, concerns, complaints, company protocol and other issues related to employment.
  • Knowledge of company policy related to vehicle operation and customer service.
  • Ability to follow directives and company policies.
  • Ability to operate the MDT Ecolane System
  • Ability to follow a LIVE schedule in the Ecolane Software
  • Ability to use GPS to navigate with Ecolane Software routes
  • Be able to perform duties without the use of mobile phones or other hand-held devices related to non-work-related situations throughout shift.


  • Must be able to operate the vehicle with the use of a seatbelt.
  • Must have the ability to sit without discomfort for prolonged periods of time on a variety of driver’s seats in different models of vans.
  • Must be able to assist ambulatory and non-ambulatory passengers on and off the vehicle.
  • Must be able to push and pull a passenger seated in a non-motorized wheelchair (ADA defined) weighting up to 600lbs. (including passengers) for a level distance of up to 40 feet and up and down 10% incline for up to 60 feet.
  • Must be able to use coordinate movement to secure mobility devices as instructed. Must be able to pull a tie down strap with force of 50 lbs. while bending over, stooping, or squatting down.
  • Must be able to assist in transferring a passenger who uses a wheelchair to a regular passenger seat.
  • Must have the physical/mental ability to quickly assist passengers and to maintain composure in the time of emergency or passenger incidents.


  • Requires a driver’s license and acceptable driving record
  • Pass a CORI check, SORI check and drug testing
  • Read the English language
  • Read Military time
  • The ability to read and understand GPS mapping
  • Knowledge of the Quaboag Connector service area
  • Ability to communicate with members of the public concerning the Quaboag Connector information.
  • Must be able to communicate with Quaboag Connector co-workers as to route information and/or emergency situations.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate in oral/written English.
  • Must be able to follow oral/written instructions in English.


  • The minimum educations requirements are a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) certificate. The Quaboag Connector / Town of Ware will provide training for vehicle operation and customer service that the individual must complete in a satisfactory manner.


  • Must maintain a current Massachusetts Driver’s License.
  • Requires clean driving record and criminal clearance.
  • Must comply with all traffic laws related to vehicle operation.


  • Individual operates van in all types of weather.

For a PDF version of this job description, click here.

To print and fill out the Town of Ware employment application, click here.

B79 Amherst-Worcester Intercity Driver (CDL required)

The B79 Amherst to Worcester Intercity Route travels from the UMass Amherst campus to Union Station in Worcester. This route currently makes three trips per day, Thursday-Monday, with the possibility of expanding to seven-day service. 

To be a public transit bus operator for this route, you must have a current Massachusetts Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with Passenger (”P”) Endorsement on your license, and no Airbrake Restriction at the time of your resume submission.

To apply for this position, please contact Mike Dambrosio at or fill out an application at Ware Town Hall.