Making an impact in the community

The Quaboag Connector is at the core of our community’s journey towards better connectivity and accessibility. Driven by a shared goal to make every place within our reach, we’ve proudly paved the way for countless individuals to access essential services, work, and social connections. Our commitment to bringing the community closer reflects in every ride we offer, showcasing the positive impact we’ve made together. As we look forward to more shared journeys, we celebrate the difference we’re making, one ride at a time.

Empowering Our Community, One Ride at a Time

At Quaboag Connector, we’re more than just a ride; we’re a lifeline to the places and people you love. With over 67,000 journeys since 2017, we’re proud to have touched the lives of more than 700 unique riders, bringing our community closer every day.




Seniors (60+)


Riders with disabilities

A Ride for Every Reason

Senior Mobility: Ensuring our elders stay connected, 40% of our rides cater to seniors, making every visit, appointment, and grocery run more accessible.

Accessible Adventures: With 27% of our trips dedicated to individuals with disabilities, we’re committed to a world where every destination is within reach.

Your Journey, Our Mission

Effortless Commutes: Averaging 18.5 minutes per trip, we make your daily commutes, quick errands, and essential visits a breeze.

Every Mile Matters: Covering an average of 6.6 miles per journey, we’re here to take you exactly where you need to be, near or far.

Average Trip Duration

Avg. Trip Length



Unique Riders

Trips per person (avg.)

2024 (as of Apr. 30)


Unique Riders

Trips per person (avg.)

Rides That Make a Difference

From the General Public to Special Programs like Palmer Rides to Work, Senior Van Services, Free Rides for Veterans, and the Baystate HealthConnector, we’re dedicated to serving every corner of our community. In 2023 alone, we provided 12,227 rides to 443 unique riders, averaging 27.6 trips per person.